Welcome to BizarreVictoria: a blog where I read things, so you don’t have to. You can follow me on Twitter (@BizarreVictoria).

I am an academic in the UK (from America, originally) with a PhD in Victorian literature,  specializing in literary representations of the Victorian aristocracy. Fairly or unfairly, aristocrats have a reputation for eccentricity, and this blog started out as a place to capture and share some of their finest moments of unadulterated STRANGE.

But over the years, this blog (which originated and is still duplicated on livejournal here) became a wonderful free-for-all. I’ve come across a lot of weird stuff, much of it unrelated to my research. Some of it isn’t even Victorian. Sometimes I just like to recap terrible books by yelling things at the internet.

In my overly-analytical career, I have found that I need a place of catharsis–a place where I can recount the abject oddness of something and ask, “WHYYY?” without worrying about finding an answer. Although I try to cite my sources as much as possible, this is not an academic blog. Very occasionally I write in a professional tone here, but more often than not, I swear profusely, make snarky comments, and entertain wild suppositions with absolutely no proof to back it up.

What a wonderful feeling that is.

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  1. Kim says:

    All things scandalous … Good fun


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