Regency Slang – Section D

I found this list of vocabulary and slang from The Regency Assembly Press, here. I’m only picking a few excerpts, so visit their site for the full list.

Dairy–A woman’s breasts, particularly one that gives suck–She sported her dairy; she pulled out her breast.

Dance Upon Nothing–To be hanged.

Dark Cully–A married man that keeps a mistress, whom he visits only at night, for fear of discovery.

Death Hunter–An undertaker, one who furnishes the necessary articles for funerals.

Dells–Young buxom wenches, ripe and prone to venery, but who have not lost their virginity, which the Upright Man claims by virtue of his prerogative; after which they become free for any of the fraternity–Also a common strumpet-.

Devil Drawer–A miserable painter.

Diddies--A woman’s breasts or bubbies.

Dilberries–Small pieces of excrement adhering to the hairs near the fundament.

Dingey Christian–A mulatto; or any one who has, as the West-Indian term is, a lick of the tar-brush, that is, some negro blood in him.

Dining Room Post–A mode of stealing in houses that let lodgings, by rogues pretending to be postmen, who send up sham letters to the lodgers, and, whilst waiting in the entry for the postage, go into the first room they see open, and rob it.

Dirty Puzzle–A nasty slut.

Dishclout–A dirty, greasy woman–He has made a napkin of his dishclout; a saying of one who has married his cook maid–To pin a dishclout to a man’s tail; a punishment often threatened by the female servants in a kitchen, to a man who pries too minutely into the secrets of that place.

Divide–To divide the house with one’s wife; to give her the outside, and to keep all the inside to one’s self, i.e–to turn her into the street.

Dog’s Soup–Rain water.

Doodle Sack–A bagpipe.–Also the private parts of a woman.

Double Jugg–A man’s backside.

Dowse on the Chops–A blow in the face.

Doxies–She beggars, wenches, whores.

Drab–A nasty, sluttish whore.

Dropping Member–A man’s penis with gonorrhoea.

Drunk As A Wheelbarrow –Very drunk.

Duck Fucker–The man who has the care of the poultry on board a ship of war.

Duke of Limbs–A tall, awkward, ill-made fellow.

Dumplin–A short thick man or woman–Norfolk dumplin; a jeering appellation of a Norfolk man, dumplins being a favourite kind of food in that county.

Dutch Concert–Where every one plays or signs a different tune.

Dutch Feast–Where the entertainer gets drunk before his guest.

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