Regency Slang – Section B

I found this list of vocabulary and slang from The Regency Assembly Press, here. I’m only picking a few excerpts, so visit their site for the full list.

Bacon Fed–Fat, greasy.

Back Gammon Player–A sodomite.

Back Door (Usher, or Gentleman of the Back Door)–A sodomite.

Baker-Knee’d–One whose knees knock together in walking, as if kneading dough.

Barber’s Chair–She is as common as a barber’s chair, in which a whole parish sit to be trimmed; said of a prostitute.

Barque of Frailty–Woman of easy virtue.

Bastardly Gullion–A bastard’s bastard.

Bat–A low whore: so called from moving out like bats in the dusk of the evening.

Batchelor’s Son–A bastard.

Bawbee–A halfpenny–Scotch.

Bawbels, or Bawbles–Trinkets; a man’s testicles.

Beard Splitter–A man much given to wenching.

Beau-Nasty–A slovenly fop; one finely dressed, but dirty.

Become A Tenant For Life–marry.

Bed-Maker–Women employed at Cambridge to attend on the Students, sweep his room, &c–They will put their hands to any thing, and are generally blest with a pretty family of daughters: who unmake the beds, as fast as they are made by their mothers.

Beetle-Browed–One having thick projecting eyebrows.

Belly Pleas–The plea of pregnancy, generally adduced by female felons capitally convicted, which they take care to provide for, previous to their trials.

Bill at Sight–To pay a bill at sight; to be ready at all times for the venereal act.

Bird Of Paradise–Woman of easy virtue.

Bit O’muslin–A woman of who gives sexual favors in exchange for payment.

Bitch Booby–A country wench–Military Term.

Biter–A wench whose **** is ready to bite her arse; a lascivious, rampant wench.

Blanket Hornpipe–The amorous congress.

Bleached Mort–A fair-complexioned wench.

To Sport Blubber–Said of a large coarse woman, who exposes her bosom.

Blue Skin–A person begotten on a black woman by a white man–One of the blue squadron; any one having a cross of the black breed, or, as it is Termed, a lick of the tar brush.

Bob Tail–A lewd woman, or one that plays with her tail; also an impotent man, or an eunuch.

Bottomless Pit–A prostitute.

To Box the Jesuit, and get Cock Roaches–A Sea Term for masturbation; a crime, it is said, much practised by the reverend fathers of that society.

Bracket-Faced–Ugly, hard-featured.


Bread and Butter Fashion–One slice upon the other–John and his maid were caught lying bread and butter fashion.

Break-Teeth Words–Hard words, difficult to pronounce.

Bread Basket–The stomach; a Term used by boxers–I took him a punch in his bread basket; i.e–I gave him a blow in the stomach.

Breast Fleet–He or she belongs to the breast fleet; i.e–Is a Roman catholic; an appellation derived from their custom of beating their breasts in the confession of their sins.

Breeches Bible–An edition of the Bible printed in 1598, wherein it is said that Adam and Eve sewed figleaves together, and made themselves breeches.

Brim–(Abbreviation of Brimstone.) An abandoned woman; perhaps originally only a passionate or irascible woman, compared to brimstone for its inflammability.

Bristol Man–The son of an Irish thief and a Welch whore.

Brother Starling–One who lies with the same woman, that is, builds in the same nest.

Bube–The venereal disease.

Buck Face–A cuckold.

Buck Fitch–A lecherous old fellow.

Bug–A nick name given by the Irish to Englishmen; bugs having, as it is said, been introduced into Ireland by the English.

Bull Beggar, or Bully Beggar–An imaginary being with which children are threatened by servants and nurses, like raw head and bloody bones.

Bull Chin–A fat chubby child.

Bull’s Feather–A horn: he wears the bull’s feather; he is a cuckold.

Bully Cock–One who foments quarrels in order to rob the persons quarrelling.

Bully Trap–A brave man with a mild or effeminate appearance, by whom bullies are frequently taken in.

Bumfiddle–The backside, the breech

Bumping–A ceremony performed on boys perambulating the bounds of the parish on Whit-monday, when they have their posteriors bumped against the stones marking the boundaries, in order to fix them in their memory.

Bung Upwards–Said of a person lying on his face.

Bunter–A low dirty prostitute, half whore and half beggar.

Burning Shame–A lighted candle stuck into the parts of a woman, certainly not intended by nature for a candlestick.

Burnt–Poxed or clapped–He was sent out a sacrifice, and came home a burnt offering; a saying of seamen who have caught the venereal disease abroad–He has burnt his fingers; he has suffered by meddling.

Bushel Bubby–A full breasted woman.

Butcher’s Dog–To be like a butcher’s dog, i.e–lie by the beef without touching it; a simile often applicable to married men.

Butter Box–A Dutchman, from the great quantity of butter eaten by the people of that country.

Buttered Bun–One lying with a woman that has just lain with another man, is said to have a buttered bun.

Buttock–A whore–(Cant)

Buttock Broker–A bawd, or match-maker–(Cant)

Buttock Ball–The amorous congress–(Cant)

Buttock and File–A common whore and a pick-pocket–(Cant)

Buttock and Twang, or Down Buttock and Sham File–A common whore, but no pickpocket.

Buttock and Tongue–A scolding wife.

Buttocking Shop–A brothel.

Bye-Blow–An illegitimate child–A bastard.

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