Regency Slang – Section A

I found this list of vocabulary and slang from The Regency Assembly Press, here. I’m only picking a few excerpts, so visit their site for the full list.

A Crush–A very successful party where there is no room to circulate.

A Trifle Disguised–Slightly drunk.

Abbess, or Lady Abbess–A bawd, the mistress of a brothel.

Abigail–A lady’s maid.


Abram Men–Pretended mad men.

Ace of Spades–A widow.

Accounts, or To cast up one’s accounts–to vomit.

Acteon–A cuckold, from the horns planted on the head of Acteon by Diana.

Adam’s Ale–Water.

Admiral of the Narrow Seas–One who from drunkenness vomits into the lap of the person sitting opposite to him.

Alderman–A roasted turkey garnished with sausages; the latter are supposed to represent the gold chain worn by those magistrates.

Ale Post–A may-pole.

All Nations–A composition of all the different spirits sold in a dram-shop, collected in a vessel into which the drainings of the bottles and quartern pots are emptied.

Altitudes–The man is in his altitudes, i.e–he is drunk.

Amen Curler–A parish clerk.

To Amuse–To fling dust or snuff in the eyes of the person intended to be robbed; also to invent some plausible tale, to delude shop-keepers and others, thereby to put them off their guard.

Amusers–Rogues who carried snuff or dust in their pockets, which they threw into the eyes of any person they intended to rob; and running away, their accomplices (pretending to assist and pity the half-blinded person) took that opportunity of plundering him.

Anglers–Pilferers, or petty thieves, who, with a stick having a hook at the end, steal goods out of shop-windows, grates, &c.; also those who draw in or entice unwary persons to prick at the belt, or such like devices.

Ankle–A girl who is got with child, is said to have sprained her ankle.

Ape-Drunk–Very drunk.

Ape-Leader–An old maid or spinster–Their punishment after death for failing to procreate, it was said, would be to lead apes in hell.

Apothecary–To talk like an apothecary; to use hard or gallipot words: from the assumed gravity and affectation of knowledge generally put on by the gentlemen of this profession, who are commonly as superficial in their learning as they are pedantic in their language.

Apple Dumplin Shop–A woman’s bosom.

Apron String Hold–An estate held by a man during his wife’s life.

Arbor Vitae–A man’s penis.

Ark Ruffians–Rogues who, in conjunction with watermen, robbed, and sometimes murdered, on the water, by picking a quarrel with the passengers in a boat, boarding it, plundering, stripping, and throwing them overboard, &c.

Arrah Now–An unmeaning expletive, frequently used by the vulgar Irish.

Article–A wench–A prime article–A handsome girl–She’s a prime article (Whip Slang), she’s a devilish good piece, a hell of a Goer.

Athansian Wench, or Quicunque Vult–A forward girl, ready to oblige every man that shall ask her.

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