Moustache Guards

The following story originally appeared in the Shields Daily Gazette, 7 June 1867.


“I was much struck the other day by a novel and important invention which I saw in a shop window. This was nothing more nor less than a set of tea-things specially adapted for the use of gentlemen who cultivate moustaches, the cups of which have a ban running across them of sufficient width to prevent the moustache from having a warm bath when its owner sips his tea and yet allowing free play to the lips, on one side of it, and the nose on the other.

“An invention pre-supposes a want. The love of tea taking so much the place of the love of wine that moustache that moustached heroes have been crying out for more comfort in the drinking of it? For some great genius of inventive power who will come forward and show them how to protect their well-beloved ornaments – how to keep them intact during the vicissitudes of a tea-fight, free from the forlorn and drowned appearance that they now present, after having gone through one of these mildest of actions . . . to such men a moustache-cup will offer a silent but unmistakeable [sic] hint, and society generally will feel the benefit of this advent of porcelain reformers”.

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One Response to Moustache Guards

  1. jlmerrow says:

    My grandmother used to own one of these.

    (For those who are wondering: she did not have a moustache.)


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