Nose Flutes

I got the following story from an episode of QI (Series N, episode “Nosey Noisy”).

This weird lookin’ thang is a nose flute.

“The first patent for them was in 1892 for a version called the Nasalette, and the idea was that it left your hands free to play other instruments if you strapped elastic around them. However, they are much older, having been played in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Congo. In Fiji couples would seduce each other with them.

“It was also tradition to put tobacco on the nose flute so you got a hint of nicotine when playing them. A photo in a 1909 copy of Tatler shows a man from India playing the nose flute and the bagpipes simultaneously. One musicologist described this as, ‘a peak of woodwind virtuosity.'”

I’m trying to find the photograph, but haven’t managed to locate a copy. Can anyone link me to it?

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