Babies R Us

As these articles are quite short, here’s a 2-for-1 deal.

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, April 24, 1851:

“There is now residing at Waterford, Hertfordshire, the wife of a respectable licensed victualler, not more than 43 years of age, who was safely delivered, on Monday week, of her 30th child.”

From the Edinburgh Evening News, April 19, 1886:

“At Distington, near Workington, the wife of an artisan has just been delivered of triplets. The remarkable feature in the history of the married life of this lady is that it is only 11 months since she gave birth to triplets before, and previous to that she had twins twice, thus being the mother of 10 children in very little more than four years“.

1.) The second lady is going to catch up to the first in NO TIME.

2.) My mother was the first in a set of “Irish twins” (well, “Irish quadruplets”, I guess), in that my grandmother had a baby every 10-12 months for the first four years of her marriage. I always thought it was crazy that she was the mother of four by the time she was 20 years old. She ain’t got NOTHIN’ on the woman from 1886.

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