Conjugal Rights

Just a quick one today. The following horrific story was found in the Hull Daily Mail, July 15 1901.

“A man knocked a woman down in Matthias Road, Stoke, Newington, on Saturday, and proceeded to jump on her. ‘It’s all right; she’s my wife,” he remarked to policemen who came up. The unfortunate woman’s condition is serious.”

I don’t remember that part of the wedding service: “I promise to love, honor, obey, and legally exempt you from assault and murder.”

The worst part is that all I can think about is this:

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One Response to Conjugal Rights

  1. Doesn’t matter if you remember it; if you were married before 1991, it was there!

    Marital rape exemption finally got rid of for good in R vR [1991] 3 WLR 767.

    For much of the 20th century, courts tried to find increasingly convoluted ways around it, until a case finally reached the House of Lords, who had the power to squash it (Parliament having declined to do so via statute).


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