Dream of Egypt

Just a really quick story today. I read about this in Piya Pal-Lapinski’s The Exotic Woman in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction and Culture (2005).

“In 1907, the brilliant Colette caused a sensation at the Moulin Rouge when she appeared with her lesbian lover Missy (the marquise de Morny) in a one-act pantomime called Reve d’Egypte (Dream of Egypt). Dressed in a costume that recalled the man-eating Salomes of the German secessionist artist Franz Von Stuck, Colette played a mummy waiting to be ‘unpacked’ by the ‘male’ archaeologist, played by Missy. The performance provoked an audience uproar; as Colette’s biographer Judith Thurman asserts, ‘the stage was immediately bombarded with coins, orange peels, seat cushions, tins of candy, and cloves of garlic, while the catcalls . . . and shouts of ‘Down with the dykes’ drowned out an orchestra of forty musicians”.

I always thought Colette was bloomin’ spectacular, but this is just icing on the top. Woman must have been fearless and fabulous.

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