BizarreVictoria Update

Hi, All,

As some of you may have noticed, I missed my last two regularly scheduled posts. This was completely by accident, but I’ve decided to take a month off from blogging, as my work life has become totally overloaded.

In all honesty, I could probably throw some posts together and keep everything on schedule, but (chronic workaholic and yea-sayer that I am) I’m trying to be better at stepping back from projects and not working myself into a fine state of exhaustion. As this blog is supposed to be a fun space for me to relax from work, I don’t want it to start becoming a burden. And on top of that, if I only write posts grudgingly, they’re probably not going to be very much fun for you to read. The more I enjoy myself, the better the posts.

Normal service will resume June 1st, and I promise two new “Bad Book Covers” posts during that month to make up for my absence.

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