That’s a Horse of a Different Color

Do you guys want a healthy dose of old-school sexism? Check out the rhetoric in this article from the Leeds Mercury on January 31, 1807:

“The following extraordinary circumstances have recently taken place in Dublin: A person who had served a most respectable family with zeal and fidelity as a manservant, for upwards of six years, was, on Friday last taken ill, and confined to bed.

“A most unaccountable reluctance was evinced on the part of the person indisposed to admit the offices of a physician, until in alarming crisis in the disorder, induced the master of the family to insist on having recourse to medical advice, which however, there was not sufficient time to procure before honest James was delivered of a bouncing girl!

“It is unnecessary to add until that moment that the real sex of this newly-discovered heroine had never been suspected. It is no less extraordinary that she was particularly adroit in attending on horses, and several times accompanied the gentleman of the family on severe fox chases.”

Guys. That last sentence.

Doctor: Sir, I am required to inform you that your faithful servant, James, who you have known for six years, is actually a woman.

Master of the House: My word.

Doctor: She was just delivered of a daughter.

Master of the House: You don’t say.

Doctor: Don’t forget sir, that the very same James, who rode a horse so skillfully, was actually a woman the whole time.


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