Rescued by a Lobster

I found this rather improbable tale in the Edinburgh Evening News from February 8th, 1875.

“A journalist met with a strange pet the other day when paying a visit. Whilst he was talking he noticed something moving on the carpet, which was neither dog nor cat. On looking again he saw that it was a fine lobster, dark grey, spotted with red, and thought that it must have escaped from the kitchen.

“The lady of the house smiled, and said, ‘I must tell you the history of my pet. Some months ago I bought a lobster and as it was not wanted for my dinner my cook left it in water in the kitchen. I was going to a ball that night, and being ready sat on an easy chair, and fell fast asleep.

“‘Suddenly I sprung up from a sharp bite on my foot, and saw the lobster biting it [I assume she means pinching it?]. I started up and ran to the kitchen. No-one was there and a cloth in front of the fire had caught fire. It was extinguished, but I have kept the lobster ever since out of gratitude.’

“It has its basin of cold water, and seems to recognise its mistress, and is so fond of music that it is always drawn towards the piano whenever she plays.”

If anyone asks me if I think this story is true, I’m going to look into the middle distance with the hint of a tear in my eye and whisper bravely, “No. But I still have hope.”

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