BizarreVictoria: Celebrating 3 Years

I’ve been blogging for three full years as of today! This blog can, at busy times of year, be a lot of work, but my readers are all so lovely and it’s so nice to have a place where I can shout ridiculous Victorian novel plot points at the internet that I very much doubt I’d stop blogging any time soon.

As I said last year on this date, “It started out a place for me to vent, since I have to be so painfully professional and analytical in my day-to-day work as a PhD student. Sometimes you just need to drop an f-bomb or 75.”

This year, I’ve finished my PhD (I am now Dr. BizarreVictoria, I should see if the university will print that on my diploma), I’ve moved the blog to a fancy new premises (while still duplicating posts on the old site), and I’ve gained a further 150 followers on Twitter. It’s harder to tell how many page hits I’ve gotten in total, as my readers are now split between the two blog sites, and the stat counter on the livejournal site has gone completely wonky. But I’m estimating upwards of 30,000 hits this year.

If you’d like the 2013 or 2014 Years In Review, here they are!

So what did we talk about this year? These are by NO MEANS all of the posts I wrote:

1.) There have been some truly horrific book covers slapped on nineteenth-century fiction, including: Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Scarlet Letter, Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol, and Little Women.

2.) We got some cool nineteenth-century exploration and discovery going on, including the first (?) person to reach Antarctica, or the discovery of the first illustration of Jesus or the first woman to circumnavigate the globe on a bicycle, or the discovery of the importance of meteorology.

3.) There were some big ole divas and they had weird feuds and drama and fist-fights and even duels.

4.) Early film titles are the best (worst? no, best) film titles. And Victorian baby names were the best (no, definitely the WORST) baby names.

5.) Military procedure and action is sometimes ridiculous. So ridiculous that it’s the climax to a Mel Brooks movie.

6.) Victorians feared new technology just as much as we do today.

7.) There was some really weird stuff about masculinity, dating, sex, and marriage. And you ESPECIALLY never want to have sex with the servants.

8.) Silas Marner is just Rumplestiltskin, but with considerably more alcoholism, toddler-scalping, and horse-impalement.

9.) I read Carmilla, who is the gayest, neediest vampire in the history of the world. On the plus side, this story breaks down some modern misunderstandings about what the Victorians “knew” about gay relationships.

10.) I saw La Traviata in the most glamorous way possible, so I decided to ruin it.

11.) I read a bunch of short stories and novellas, including “Olalla“, which has the WEIRDEST, least sexy courtship story ever; “Cockcrow“, which (as you may have guessed) is overtly about cocks; “Femme Fatale“, in which a man tries to spy on some lesbians but cries too hard to maintain his cover; “Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime“, in which a bunch of fancy people go to a lame party where they just eat soup and get their palms read, and this leads to MURRRDERRR; “Laid to Rest“, in which we learn that the best place to pick up a one-night stand is in a graveyard; “The Steel Flea“, in which everyone is miserable, and Russian, and drinks grape vodka, and NO ONE gets eaten by a dinosaur; “The Nose“, which is like an acid trip gone wrong; “Flatland“, which is a novel about geometry (?!?!?!) and it made my head hurt; and “The Great God Pan“, which was legitimately fucking terrifying and will fulfill all of your goat/girl relationship needs.

12.) Just stay away from corpses and coffins.

13.) At least there were some interesting and fair court cases?

14.) It was a dynamic time for monarchs and aristocrats. And it was an even more dynamic time for their servants.

15.) Some amazing shit happened at sea, including pirates and the time monkeys took over a ship.

16.) You, of course, had your murderers and criminals.

17.) Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century fashion was both deadly and stupid.

I’m going to keep up my Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule (unlike the first year, where I posted every damn day and plum tuckered myself out).

Thanks for being so wonderful, everyone, and for not caring that I swear far more than my fair share.

I don’t *actually* know what constitutes one person’s fair share, but I assume that by this point I’m actually taking swears away from other people.

Let’s keep this going for Year Four!

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