Shortest-Reigning King

Just a quick one today, although I'm going to try to do some longer posts over the next few weeks. I found this story on Futility Closet here.

"History’s shortest-reigning king served for 20 minutes. When Charles X abdicated the French crown after the July Revolution of 1830, rule passed to his son, Louis XIX, who immediately resigned as well, over his wife’s entreaties."

"My muttonchops and I know what's good for us, so we're just going to peace out."

As an interesting side note, he married his first cousin, Princess Marie Therese of France, who was the daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Marie Therese was the only member of the immediate royal family to have survived the French Revolution. Her parents were both executed, her sister died as a baby, a brother died of illness before the revolution, and her surviving brother died of a long illness in capitivity. Since she and Louis XIX had no children, they represented a double end to the royal lines of succession in France. Quite the blow to monarchists.

On another note:

"The longest-reigning king is the pharaoh Pepi II, who ascended the Egyptian throne in 2278 B.C. at age 6. He ruled for 94 years."

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