Pucker Up

I was first alerted to these stories by Saladin Ahmen on Twitter here. He links to a longer article from the Telegraph (where facts were compiled by the QI elves), which can be found here. This article has three specific pieces of Victoriana.

1.) Victorian guide books advised women to put pins in their mouths to avoid being kissed in the dark when trains went through tunnels.

2.) A court case of 1837 involved a man named Thomas Saverland who had kissed a Miss Caroline Newton at a party “by way of a joke” and in return she’d bitten off a chunk of his nose. Saverland took her to court but lost as the judge ruled, “When a man kisses a woman against her will, she is fully entitled to bite off his nose, if she so pleases”, to which her barrister added, “and eat it up, if she has a fancy that way”.

3.) An 1819 German travel guide to London claimed, “The kiss of friendship between men is strictly avoided as inclining towards the sin regarded in England as more abominable than any other.” A recent poll said that 53 per cent of Yorkshiremen would hit a man who tried to kiss him.

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