First Man in Antarctica

Just a quick one today, since I spent HOURS doing my year in review. (That's right–the start of Year 3 at BizarreVictoria, bitches!)

I found this story on Futility Closet's blog here. It reads:

"In February 1820, Connecticut sealer John Davis sailed south past Hoseason Island in the Southern Ocean and spied a peninsula there. He wrote in his log:

"'Commences with open Cloudy Weather and Light winds a standing for a Large Body of Land in that Direction SE at 10 A.M. close in with it our Boat and Sent her on Shore to look for Seal at 11 A.M. the Boat returned but found no sign of Seal at noon our Latitude was 64°01’ South. Stood up a Large Bay, the Land high and covered intirely with snow. … I think this Southern Land to be a Continent.'

"He is believed to be the first man to set foot on Antarctica."

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2 Responses to First Man in Antarctica

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