Post Office Girl

I found the following from @ThesisMinion on Twitter. Her original post was here. She located a 1902 exam paper that you had to take in order to become a "Post Office Girl" in England (or at least her subsequent comments led me to believe that this was a test given in England).

Now, I'm fully aware that this was a respectable job that required excellent reading and general knowledge skills, including at least a rough comphrension of geography (specifically as it pertained to the British empire), but these questions are freaking RIDICULOUS.

Part of the test reads as follows:

Post Office

I wanted to give this test to my mail carrier and then threaten to call their manager when they inevitably failed (you know, just for fun) buy my financé said I couldn't, because we'd never receive any mail ever again. He's always harshing my buzz.

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One Response to Post Office Girl

  1. Anonymous says:

    If only Victorian explorers had been required to sit a similar test…


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