Junk Wine

I found this story on @WeirdHistory's blog here. The original source was August Gottlieb Ricther's Bibliothek, Vol. 7, 1794.

If you ever have a medical emergency where your junk is ripped off, the best the worst AN ANSWER, I GUESS is to put that junk in some wine and make an ass-nasty cocktail that could double as an awesome paperweight if you never drink it. The story reads:

"In August 1782 a Westphalian farmer, aged 36, was treated for serious injuries obtained in a carriage accident near his home. According to an account published by Gottingen medical professor August Richter, the farmer’s apron had become entangled in the wheels of his carriage, dragging his lower body into the spokes. Though he reported suffering no 'violent pain or loss of recollection', the farmer’s injuries were nevertheless quite extensive:

“'His genital organs were entirely torn off… The urethra was torn off, as was the penis, as far as the neck of the bladder. There remained no vestige of the scrotum or the right testicle. The left testicle remained but only attached via the spermatic cord… The prostate, contused and torn, was adhered by a few fibres and hung externally from the wound.'

"Despite losing a good portion of his reproductive system, the farmer was able to stand and walk about 200 yards to his house, where he 'preserved the parts that were torn off in spirit of wine'. He was later attended by doctors, who replaced what they could, dressed the wound, bled the patient and gave him a draught. With further medical attention the patient’s wounds healed and he was able to return to a relatively normal life, albeit without external genitals."

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One Response to Junk Wine

  1. hibiscusrose says:

    Shock? Almost has to be. And they didn’t record his later reactions. Otherwise the guy is superhuman.


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