A Town By Any Other Name

Sorry, guys, just a really quick one today. I found the following story on Futility Closet's page here.

"Ixonia, Wisconsin, was named at random.

"Unable to agree on a name for the town, the residents printed the alphabet on slips of paper, and a girl named Mary Piper drew letters successively until a name was formed.

"The town was christened Ixonia on Jan. 21, 1846, and it remains the only Ixonia in the United States."

In order to supplement this meager tale, allow me to provide you with another weird Victorian town-naming convention of my own.

In Vermont (where I'm from), there's a village near the state capital, Montpelier, called Adamant. Adamant, Vermont, was originally formed in the mid-19th century, but was originally called 'Sodom, Vermont.' As you can imagine, some residents took umbrage at the name.

I have no idea why it was named that originally (I just picture some drunk city planners going, "Guys, guys. No, shut up, listen, I have the most hilarious idea"). I have even less of an idea how that name lasted so long, but it was called 'Sodom' for about 50 years before some residents petitioned the state legislature for a name change.

As legend has it, they were so 'adamant' that the name MUST be changed, that that became the new name for their village.

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One Response to A Town By Any Other Name

  1. tsutsuji says:

    ahaahah I live down the road from Adamant!
    I have heard that it was called Sodom because of a reputation for rowdy behavior among the residents, maybe when they were mostly workers at the granite quarries in town. Also that Adamant was the name of the quarry company, but whether that was before or after the town changed the name, I’m not sure.

    The pond is still named Sodom pond, with Sodom Pond Road running along one side of it. Must be fun to have that as a mailing address. XD


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