“Youngest Lunatic in the World”

I found this hilarious article on @HistoryWeird's twitter feed here. I don't know the original source.

Here is a picture of the article they tweeted, but I will write it out below, in case the text is too difficult to read.


It reads:

"New York claims the honor of owning the youngest insane person in the world. Charles Warsaw, whose address can be easily obtained [WHY? Why would you want the address of a baby?], has symptoms of insanity as pronounced as those of the patients who fill Bloomingdale and keep the State Asylum comfortable inhabited.

"He is fifteen months old and has been a lunatic since he was eleven months. How much earlier than that is not known, for his parents are poor, and no brain specialist saw Charles under that age.His mother says he began to be a queer boy at two weeks [what does that even mean? It's not like he had much motor function at that time–'lunatic' or not, there wasn't much variation on what he was able to do].

"Charles' insanity shows itself by his exceeding funny actions. He interrupts the most serious conversations with a silly smile. He bursts into laughter in the middle of the night, and some nights he laughs the whole night long. His expression is the funniest [i.e., the weirdest, most concerning], and at the same time the silliest, ever seen upon a baby's face."

Huh. It'd be interesting to know how he developed as he got older. Probably like any average baby, I'm guessing. This has got to be evidence of a slow news day in New York.

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