Lightning Cures Pig Paralysis

I found this story on Ludicrous Scene's blog here. The original source was the Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette, September 5, 1900.

"A most extraordinary occurrence is reported from Tupai, says the Perak Pioneer. A Chinaman there, who rears pigs and ducks, was disagreeably surprised one day to find a litter of 11 grunters born with distended hind legs as if they were paralysed.

"They got on very well, however, in a subsequent thunderstorm the pig-stye was struck by lightning, and the said grunters placed hors de combat, dead to all appearances.

"Shortly after, however, they were found as healthy as ever, with their hind legs restored to a normal state. The electric shock had only stunned them and cured their paralysis."

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