A Stellar Obituary

I found this story from Antony Taylor's book, Lords of Misrule: Hostility to Aristocracy in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Britain. Yeah, this empirically proves that my PhD is the dopest of all PhDs.


The book records the "obituary of the Earl of Lonsdale who died at the age of 85 in 1872:

"Lord Lonsdale's early life was one long round of profligacy. He was never so happy as when surrounded by French prostitutes and poodles. Whilst occupying the position of Post-Master General his distribution of patronage was a public scandal. The relations of his various mistresses were all placed in high situations, and some are still living in the enjoyment of large pensions at the public expense. Unfortunately the death of this disreputable, filthy old debauchee will not relieve the country of the burden he placed on it".

Reynolds's Newspaper, March 10 1872, p. 2.


Also, awesome.

Also also, it must be noted that the particular harshness in this obituary is the result of Reynolds's Newspaper being a radical publication that took particular offense to the aristocracy. While the paper was extremely popular, it was mostly read by working-class citizens. You therefore wouldn't typically find writing this frank in middle-class publications.

In case you've forgotten, Reynolds was the same guy who wrote The Mysteries of London, The Mysteries of the Court of London, and Wagner the Wehr-Wolf, from which I have recapped some ridiculous scenes.

Mysteries scenes are recapped here and here.

Wagner recaps are found here.

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