Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

I found this story on Ludicrous Scene's blog here. The original source was The Dunfermline Saturday Press, June 14, 1884.

"A London correspondent writes:- A strange story has reached me which, I am assured notwithstanding its strangeness, is well authenticated.

"It appears that a well-known curate of a church in the north-eastern section of London was the other morning about to be married to a young lady residing in the vicinity.

"The officiating clergymen (seven in number) and the bridegroom had taken up their respective positions at the altar awaiting the bride’s arrival, when suddenly a lady, attired in bridal dress and accompanied by two little girls as bridesmaids, entered the sacred edifice, walked hurriedly up the aisle, knelt by the side of the bridegroom, and seized his arm in an excited manner.

"That gentleman, though somewhat startled, did not lose his presence of mind, and with the assistance of some ladies, endeavoured to persuade the fair intruder to retire.

"After a scene of some confusion the lady was removed to a seat where she was effectually screened from any further view of the proceedings, and the ceremony was allowed to proceed without further interruption.

"It appears that the lady who was desirous of taking a part in the ceremony which had not been allotted to her, is a widow in good circumstances, who had conceived a violent attachment to the rev. bridegroom, of whose congregation she was a member.

"It is believed the announcement of his intended marriage with another lady had affected her mind."

Who on earth were this woman's little flower-girls/bridesmaids? Where were their parents? Y'all, that is a delusion so deep that she brought props.

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One Response to Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

  1. She was probably their only surviving parent.


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