No Suicide for Wives. EVER.

I found this story on @HistoryWeird's blog here. The original source was The Washington Herald, August 9, 1915.

"In 1915 a Philadelphia woman appeared in court charged with attempting suicide. The judge discharged Margaret Reeves without penalty – but not before giving her a stern talking to:

"'A woman with a husband, a family and a home should be too busy to think about suicide,' was the gist of the lecture that Magistrate Harris gave to Mrs Reeves, of 87th Street and Laycock Avenue. Early in the week she attempted to end her life. She is the fifth wife of James Reeves, 65 years old, a mail clerk on the Pennsylvania Railrod.''

I bet it was book-learnin' that did it to her. Silly women, assuming that they should have thoughts and feelings, shrinking their uterus and upsetting their fragile minds with reading and contemplation. Disgusting.

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2 Responses to No Suicide for Wives. EVER.

  1. Hmm. The thing that leaps out to me here is ‘She is the fifth wife of James Reeves…’ – er, whatever happened to the first four?! Was Mr Reeves a bit of a Henry VIII type, perhaps? Or did he drive his previous wives to more successful attempts at suicide than poor old Margaret? Or – here’s a thought – did he have some kind of serial spousal life insurance habit?! Maybe Margaret discovered all and thought to thwart his evil plan by invalidating the policy before he could set up a nice little ‘accident’ for her…

    …Clearly I read too many crime novels. >.<


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