Woman Prematurely Buried Gives Birth

I found this story on @HistoryWeird's blog here. The original source was Pester Lloyd, Budapest, September 12th 1890 and The Standard, London, September 20th, 1890.

"In 1890 several European and American newspapers ran an amazing story about the premature burial of a pregnant woman. The story emanated from Pester Lloyd, a German-language newspaper in the Austro-Hungarian empire. It told of events near Szegedin, approximately 100 kilometres south of Budapest. According to the London Standard‘s retelling:

'"A married woman named Gonda, belonging to a village near Szegedin, was reported to have died while under the hands of the midwife. The doctor granted a certificate of death and the woman was interred. Her husband, however, doubting whether she had really died, caused the body to be exhumed. On opening the coffin the woman was found lying on her side, with a newborn child dead beside her. An investigation into the case has been instituted.'

"Update: Several readers have contacted us to suggest that this may have been a case of ‘coffin birth’: the post-mortem expulsion of a foetus during decomposition. Wikipedia, of course, has a page on this phenomenon."

Okay, there is SO much more information needed in this story. They opened the coffin and found the woman on her side with a baby. Was the woman dead? Her husband doubted she had. THE PAPER DOESN'T SAY, although I assume she probably was.

Also, what made the husband doubt that she had really died? He probably needed a fairly strong reason to get a  body exhumed. More of a reason than just "Because I really think so."

Also also, I wish I knew the results of the investigation. Our library does not have electronic copies of the London Standard and I have been able to find out nothing else from any other paper I have access to. A sizable reward to anyone who can tell me the outcome.

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