The Better to See You With

I found this story on Ludicrous Scene's blog here. The original source was The Leicester Journal, October 9, 1846. I'll put any warnings here for people who have triggers about eyes, though the below story is quite mild.

"A very curious case has just come before the juge de paix of Neuilly. Some time ago, Madame Pluyette, a widow lady of 50, but who still attaches much importance to personal appearance, had the misfortune, in playing with a lap-dog, to receive from it so severe a wound in one of her eyes that it came out of the socket.

"Having heard much of artificial eyes, and being recommended to apply to an expert manufacturer in this way, named Tamisier, she gave an order for a glass eye, for which M. Tamisier charged her 100 francs.

"Refusing to pay this charge, the manufacturer summoned her before the juge de paix. Madame Pluyette having appeared holding the glass eye in her hand, the juge de paix asked her why she refused to pay the bill which M. Tamisier had sent in?

“'For a very good reason,' replied the defendant. 'I can see no more with it than I could before.'

“'What!' said the juge de paix, 'did you really imagine that you would be able to see with a glass eye?' 'Did I think so?' retorted the angry dame, 'certainly I did. Will you be so good as to tell me what eyes are for, but to see with? I ordered the eye for use, and, until M. Tamisier makes me one with which I can see, I will not pay him a sou.

'I wear a wig, which is quite as useful as natural hair. I have three false teeth, which answer as well as those which I have lost, and why should I pay for an eye which is of no use?'

"The juge de paix endeavoured to convince Madame Pluyette that glass eyes were for others to look at, and not for the wearers to look from them; but, finding all appeals to her reason of no avail, he condemned her to pay the plaintiff the amount of his demand.

"When the defendant heard the decision, she became furious with anger, and, after dashing her glass eye on the floor, she rushed out of court amid the laughter of the crowd."

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