An Impressive Drunken Frolic

I found this story at Ludicrous Scenes, here. The original source was The Edinburgh Evening News, January 22, 1879.

"The discomfort attending a long sea voyage has been successfully avoided by an Englishman named Wren, who crossed the Atlantic the other day in a state of drunkenness so complete that he was unconscious of the fact that he had left Liverpool until some time after his arrival in America.

"Wren, it is stated, “stepped out of Charity Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, on the 2nd inst. after one of the most extraordinary drunken frolics on record.”

"He had, in fact, been drunk for seven weeks, and arrived in that condition at Cleveland in the early part of December. So hopeless was his state of intoxication that he was taken to the hospital where he remained for three weeks under medical treatment.

"On regaining his consciousness his first request was for whisky, and this being refused, he asked where he was.

"On being informed by the Sister of Charity who attended that he was in hospital, he named one near London, and said that he was supposed he was in that institution.

"He was then told that he was in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, upon which he exclaimed, with evident surprise and emotion, “Good heavens! Have I crossed the Atlantic drunk?”

"Letters since received disclose the fact that Wren, who had intended to come to Cleveland, where he means to reside in future, was entertained by his friends before his departure from Liverpool, and was actually put on board a steamship at that port drunk, in which condition he continued during the voyage.

"His friends had considerately bought him a through ticket to Cleveland, but he says he recollects nothing from the evening on which the farewell festivity took place until seven weeks later, when he revived to find himself in Charity Hospital.

"Wren, by his own account, previous to this backsliding, had for some years been a total abstainer."

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