Displays at the Hunterian Museum

As many of you know, I am doing my PhD at the University of Glasgow. In our main building, we have the Hunterian Museum. I would like to share something with you from their permanent display about Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister (1827-1912), a British surgeon and pioneer in antiseptic surgery.


Okay, that's great. Until I saw the urine.


Does this look CLEAR to you? Now I get the distinction between "clear" and "colorless", and while this is most certainly not colorless, you also can't see through it. The pee is totally opaque. Which, by definition, is not clear. I'm just saying, it's totally cool to be like, "Ooooh, we're a museum and we have a flask of Joseph Lister's pee, here was his pee theory!" because I'm totally on board with weird crap like that. But don't be like, "Ooooh, we have a flask of Joseph Lister's pee, here was his pee theory, and it is cleaaaaaaaar!" because even a child could see that while the theory might be sound, this particular experiment was flawed somehow.

People? Air got in and touched that pee. It happened. It really did.

And then in the same museum I had the ever loving crap scared out of me when I saw their Victorian C-section training dolls (because people in Glasgow were known for being malnourished and having rickets in the Victorian era, so women had a really hard time giving birth naturally):

JESUS ON A BICYCLE. Why didn't they give it eyyyyyyyes? It would make it so much less creepy if it had eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes. Also, I got a shot of some old school forceps right by the "baby's" head. (I use the term "baby" loosely here. Because anything that looks like that is not of the Lord.)

However, the museum totally redeemed itself in my eyes by this display sign for Lord Kelvin:

Kelvin: The Man.

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One Response to Displays at the Hunterian Museum

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Hunterian has some seriously cool exhibits, both on display and in storage. Remind me to show you the photos I have from their catalogue for the DSN sometime – they top the C-section doll for creepy fascination levels.


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