Lions and Tigers and Bears

Yesterday I posted about Lewis Carroll and potential pedophilia. Later that day, I went into the office and, completely by coincidence, came across an article I needed to read for thesis research that was called "Phallus in Wonderland." The end.

For today's story, I'm reblogging from Ludicrous Scenes, which is a fantastic blog that recounts odd 19th-century newspaper articles. The original source for this story was The Western Daily Press, Bristol, August 23, 1888.

"A cabman has committed suicide in Paris in a fit of disgust at things in general. In his pocket he left a most singular will. It directs that in the left pocket of his trousers will be found a ten-franc piece, which is to be given to the doctor who signs the certificate of his death.

"The body is to be carried to the Jardin des Plantes and dissected. The flesh is to be cut into slices and divided among the lions, tiger, and bears. The testator adds, “I intend that these animals shall regale themselves upon my flesh.”"

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