Things Not To Say To Your Courtesan

We've talked a lot about courtesans who take much younger clients, and usually they're devoted to the point of being suffocating. Ladies, if you're looking for unrequited love and don't want a puppy, then date a younger guy. They'll turn your body parts into jewelry or preserve you in alcohol when you die so you never have to be apart.

Catherine Walters was another mid-century courtesan working in Paris who had already achieved super-stardom when she met her young, penniless john, Wilfrid Blunt. Catherine was only a year older than Blunt, but what a difference that year made. He was incredibly handsome and she picked him up as a bit of fun on the side, while maintaining her own courtesan career.

When Catherine first seduced him, in the house of a friend, that friend returned later "to find a trembling Blunt kneeling at [Catherine's] feet and being comforted by her" (295). You know what? When your client kneels at your feet in reverent, trembling awe after sex, I think you're definitely earning your paychecks.

She thought he understood their arrangement, that she loved him but wasn't giving up her career. He, however, naively convinced himself that she had given up all other men for him and they were paying the bills with love alone. They broke up and got back together several times, mostly because he was cramping her style, and you just ain't a courtesan if you ain't free.

Upon one of their reunions, he whimsically said, "Once more I was a prince of fairy land inhabiting a dream castle in the clouds" (301). When I read that, I went, "OMG, Catherine, dump his ass. It's all fun and games until somebody thinks he's a fairy prince." Thankfully, when she realized that she was still up on his ridiculous, childish pedestal, she was like, "Oh, for the love of– Well, I guess we're breaking up again."

Catherine tried to get rid of him for YEARS. She encouraged his engagement to a wealthy young girl (which he made a total pig's ear of). She'd disappear to London for months on end, hoping that when she got back to Paris he'd have left (which he didn't). She tried being obvious with her other clients, but it just made him more possessive and jealous. She tried bringing back her sixteen-year-old sister, Evelyne, to live with her and Blunt, thinking maybe they'd fall in love, but the sister wasn't very pretty and he had no interest.

Finally they drifted apart, and he spent the rest of his life being an insatiable Lothario.

So, to sum up all of these "courtesan dates younger man" stories, a few morals:

1.) Ladies: stop dating teenagers*
*unless they're rich, and you actually want to spend the rest of your life with them.
2.) Men: if you want to impress your goddess, CHILL THE GODDAMN HELL OUT.

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One Response to Things Not To Say To Your Courtesan

  1. I get the feeling that these men have never actually had the word “courtesan” explained to them.


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