Student Teacher =/= Dentist

I found the below quotation from reading a great blog called Ludicrous Scenes. The original text came from The Sheffield Daily Telegraph on April 22, 1896, and is certainly something I will remember if I student teach next year.

"At Preston yesterday, Herbert Berry, 16, pupil teacher, was summoned for assaulting three of his scholars by extracting their teeth.

It was alleged that the defendant gave the lads the option of being caned or having their teeth drawn, and when they elected the alternative, he performed the operation with his own hands.

There were said to be other cases, but the parents refused to prosecute. Defendant was fined £3 and costs in the first case, and the other cases were withdrawn on payment of the costs."

Who actually chooses to have their teeth drawn? If I had been the judge, I would have fined the victims, instead of the instigator, for the crime of sheer stupidity.

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