Frederick, Prince of Wales, Duke of Negligence, Count of Inconsideration

Going back a bit in time today. Found this story on the BBC series Fit To Rule, episode two.

George II of England and his eldest son Frederick, Prince of Wales, absolutely hated each other. It was probably for the best, then, that George II outlived his son and let the crown pass on to Frederick's eldest son (who became George III, he of the Revolutionary War and blue pee and madness).

Frederick and his father hated each other so much that they even had rival courts. Frederick would do just about anything to irritate his father. It was all very rebellious and "SUCK IT, DAD, I DO WHAT I WANT."

Then in 1737, Frederick's wife, Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, became pregnant. It was a long established tradition that the king and queen be present for the birth of their heir's children. Frederick and his wife were currently residing at Hampton Court Palace with the king, queen and whole royal family. Princess Augusta's water broke, but instead of getting the mid-wife and calling the king and queen to the room, Frederick though, "Nope. My wife's labor is the perfect time to try to annoy my father."

He said, "Honey, I know you're in the throes of contractions, but get your royal ass dressed and follow me downstairs. No, I don't care if  the baby's crowning. It's time for a road trip."

As the series says, he "pushed her into a carriage and drove through the night, fifteen miles over bumpy roads, to St. James's Palace. This was his wife's first child. This is frightening and dangerous for her. But to Frederick, it was more important that he annoyed his parents.

"Queen Caroline's servants woke her up with the news that labor had started. 'I'll go to my daughter-in-law,' the queen said. But the servants said, 'You'll have to go to St. James's Palace.' She did. She got in her coach and there was this farcical midnight chase. When she arrived, it was too late. The baby had been born. And when King George II heard about it, he exploded with rage. This was a declaration of all-out war."

Uhhh, I think there'd be a bigger war between Frederick and Augusta. If my husband decides to take me on a "stick-it-to-dad" odyssey of insolence when I go into labor, he better just keep driving after he drops me off, because I'd kill him. Maybe that's just me.

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