Prince Albert and his prince albert

I watched an episode of QI last night ("Inland Revenue") that answered a question I've always wondered about–why is there a piercing named after the Prince Consort?

Apparently this is a completely unsubstantiated rumor that got started in the 20th century when people looked at how tight his trousers were. Here's a picture from his wedding to Victoria:

And an illustration from a front angle. Lookin' good, Captain TIght-Pants.


Not even respectable fatherhood can dissuade him from showing off those thighs:


In the film The Young Victoria they did a pretty decent costuming job. By the way, I naively googled images of "Prince Albert". Do so at your own peril.


So in the 20th century, the thought was: given the style, how could he have possibly walked around in decent company without an unseemly bulge showing and offending the ladies? He surely must have had a ring down there, so he could tuck back and tether his penis to his leg.

Now, why on earth THAT is the first and most logical idea you have, I'm sure I don't know. People, there have got to be other, more likely options. I can list those other options to you. Good lord. However, the name for the piercing stuck.

So while it is extremely unlikely that he decided to have a piercing for the sake of fashion, he and Victoria did have an active and healthy sex life, undoing the whole notion that Victorian women just lied back and thought of England. Their enjoyment of sex has been well-documented (though delicately worded) in Victoria's personal diaries, and by the fact that they had 9 children in pretty rapid succession. Anyway, was IS true is that Albert fancied himself a bit of an inventor and cleverly came up with a device so he could lock the bedroom door without ever leaving the bed, in case he and Victoria were . . . examining the crown jewels . . . and the kids tried to come in.

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5 Responses to Prince Albert and his prince albert

  1. leia131 says:

    I have nothing constructive to add, but I wanted to say that I love The Young Victoria, and would watch it every day (at least parts of it) if allowed.


    • I quite enjoy that movie, as well. My only complaint was that Queen Victoria wasn’t nearly as beautiful, glamorous and stable as Emily Blunt portrayed. My supervisor once called Victoria “a rather daft young woman”, and she definitely had some fixations/anxiety issues/strange habits.

      However, I can hardly fault the film makers for wanting to show only her most likable traits. Besides, what was important to that film was the love story between her and Albert, and they did that beautifully. The costuming sends my heart aflutter, as well.


      • leia131 says:

        The costumes are great! I don’t quite know why I like it so much, I think it might just be that I find it very romantic. And I like Emily Blunt a lot, so that doesn’t hurt.


  2. Anonymous says:

    There was a rather good documentary on TV not so long ago about Victoria and Albert and their rather intense (in all senses of the word) relationship, old Vicky was a bit of a goer and it wouldn’t surprise me if Alberts jewelry really was for fun (euww) .


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