Must Love Pigs

I found the below while following "VictorianLondon" on Twitter. I don't have the exact date for this, but it's a newspaper dating advert (well, really a personals column advertizing for a wife; I don't think this man was much for courting) from July, 1832. In case you can't read it, I'll write out the text below.


'A Chance for Spinsters.–A correspondent has sent us the following copy of an amusing hand-bill, issued by a labourer, as a inducement to some blushing damsel, beyond a certain age, to take him "for better, for worse:"– "A Bill for a Wife: Matrimony.–Charles Warren, Marnhull, Dorset. My family is as follows:–the eldest boy is 13 years old, the younger boy 5 years old, and a girl 8 years old. My house is my own, and I have no rent to pay, I have an acre of potatoes, half blues and half whites, this year. My wife has been dead 12 months' ago, last Shroton fair: the children live with themselves in the day-time, but I am always at home with them at night. I do think that it would be better if there was a woman to look after them, both for the children and myself. I have got 8s. a-week for my work, and the boy 2s. a week, and have constant employ. I want a good steady woman, between 30 and 40 years' old, for a wife. I do not want a second family. I want a woman to look after the pigs while I am out at work. July, 1832." — Dorset County Chronicle'.

I'm not sure if he's referencing the children, or actual livestock that he hadn't mentioned when listing his assets.

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