Jane, Duchess of Gordon

So, Jane Duchess of Gordon (wife of the 4th Duke) was a Scottish noble who ALMOST lived to see the Victorian period. I'm getting closer, people, I swear. Anyway, she was very beautiful, wealthy, and high-up on the social ladder, but she was not exactly the most delicate of women. The book where I got the below quote calls her "coarse", but I'd say straight up that she had a nasty mouth on her.

She, being a total snob, was getting upset that titles were being given out too freely, thinking it devalued her own noble status. She was recorded as saying: “’Upon my word . . . one cannot look out of one’s coach window without spitting on a knight.”


On a side note, I'm actually friends with an aristocrat from this family. He doesn't have a title, but his father is a lord and another close relative is . . . high up. Anyway, he loves love loves learning about his lineage, and I love love love it because he comes back and tells me all these wackadoo stories about his 5th great-grandfather, or his cousin eight times removed, or the leader of the Gordon clan who is–I kid you not–called "The Cock of the North". I'm going to see if I can get permission to write some of his stories here. I really don't want to be sued for libel.

Quote found in Grace and Philip Wharton's The Queens of Society, page 299.

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3 Responses to Jane, Duchess of Gordon

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The Cock of the North”

    There is a fantastic 6/8 march named after the chief of Clan Gordon whose title is that very nickname. Remind me to play it at you some time.


    • Re: “The Cock of the North”

      You are officially the first person to comment on my blog! Congratulations! I will remind you to play it at me.

      Also, according to my friend, there is a ceilidh dance called “The Gay Gordons” named after his clan, which got him teased mercilessly in high school. But I’m sure you already know that song, too.


  2. Anonymous says:


    And yay! I’m the best.


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